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Yoga + Plant Healing
from 25.00

Stop by the Gunnison shop for a fun evening of combining art expression, yoga, tea, dirt and live plants!

January 11th
January 25th

In this class:

•Paint your own oversized ceramic tea cup and saucer planter.

•While your planter dries, Keela Gendron with guide you through a 30 minute grounding yoga practice to release stagnant energy, creating a balanced space in your body and mind.

•Return to your sweet tea cup planter and get your hands digging in the dirt to plant your choice of many cacti and succulent options.

•During the painting and planting learn about herbs that are good for raising moods and fighting depression, while we sip them as tea.

This class is dedicated to our community during the coldest and darkest month of January. We want people to come out and join in the fun of being around others in a mellow environment meant to nourish your spirit and soul. We don’t want anyone to ever feel alone or like they do not have a place they can go when they are feeling the weight of the world. It is proven that expressions of art, yoga, herbal teas, digging in dirt, touching plants, and being around others all have a profound effect on our mental state. So join us!

Kids are welcome to participate as well for a smaller add on fee. Or pay for a friend and get a discount.

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Winter Herbalism Post.jpg
Winter Herbalism Course - Friday's Materia Medica + Plant Identification

Gain a wealth of botanical knowledge about how to take care of your health in the winter months.

Join us for 4 class events each Friday evening in February from 5:30PM-7PM at our Gunnison, CO store location (126 N. Main Street).

This class is taught by Briana Wiles, owner of Rooted Apothecary, and author of both Mountain States Foraging and Mountain States Medicinal Plants. We will be learning about the medicinal value of common plants, or their food potential.

In this course learn to identify herbs by their common and latin names, their medicinal value, and the therapeutic applications they can be used for. Classes are taught through hands on techniques to help you understand the energetics of the plants—how they taste, feel and the actions they have in the body. Just because the ground is frozen doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of wildcrafting to be done. During the winter months we can rely on fresh tree medicines to still be abundant and powerfully medicinal. In this class we will talk about what plants are useful to use fresh this time of year, along with many other beneficial herbs.

Friday Classes include all 4 classes only, they can not be taken individually as they each build upon each other. You may choose to also sign up for any or all of Saturday Herbalism Makers Course as well, classes are optional and further your understanding of medicine making. Saturday classes may be bought as a bundle or individually.

This is a beginner herbalism course, suitable for ages 15+.

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Makers Courses-post.jpg
Herbalism Makers Course - Saturday's
from 50.00

Saturdays are for Making—Bring home 3 handmade items each class!

Join us for 3 class events Saturday evenings in February from 5:30PM-7PM at our Gunnison, CO store location (126 N. Main Street).

This class is taught by Briana Wiles, owner of Rooted Apothecary, and author of both Mountain States Foraging and Mountain States Medicinal Plants. In these 3 classes learn how to make many things inspired from botanicals. Learn about a variety of ways to concoct with aromatic teas, infused oils, medicinal tinctures, essential oils, and more! Bring home the start to your own home apothecary, and so many ideas to inspire you for years to come.

Each class begins at 5:30PM and runs for two hours. In these classes we discuss the ways in which to craft and make products. If you are looking for more knowledge of the herbs themselves then join us for Friday Winter Herbalism Course too. The Saturday Herbalism Makers Course is for those who already have some sort of background in herbal medicine and are ready to take the next step into making home remedies.

2/2 - Aromatics: Essential Oils + Botanicals - learn to blend the aromas of botanicals together based on your sense of smell and taste. In this class we will explore the world of aromatic teas, their benefits and many uses. Learn all about the wonderful uses of essential oils in aromatherapy. Discuss proper dosage and dilutions for safely using essential oils in a sustainable way. Take home a bag of custom blended herbal tea, an aromatic and gemstone infused body spritz, and custom essential oil blend.

2/11 - Love Potions - Sign up Here -not included.

2/16 - Extracting Medicine from Plants - This class is all about the different ways you can extract herbal medicines into preparations for use internally or topically. Learn how to infuse herbs into oils, alcohol, honey, and vinegar. Take home 3 small jars of custom herbal preparations you make in class.

2/23 - Infused Oils, Salve and Lip Balm Making - It is best to take this class in conjunction with Extracting Medicine from Plants on 2/16, as it builds up on it. Learn to make medicinal oils, salves, and lip balms. We will discuss herbs for a variety of ailments that benefit the skin, musculoskeletal system, and more. Understand proper dosage and use of essential oils for topical use, and how to blend scents. Take home a custom made face or body oil blend, salve, and lip balm.

Classes can be signed up for individually or for a discounted price as a package.

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